December 15, 2011

Till' Next Year

I went to ze campus to meet Chelie because I borrowed handouts from her but sadly, she’s already gone and she just left the handouts to Vian. I went to the library because Vian and Vanessa were there, studying (daw). They were laughing at me because I was being a cam-whore at Vi’s iPod touch. We decided to went out of the library because we’re starting to be noisy. We took photos at the CR then we accompanied Vian to her next class.

Vanessa already went home so I met up with Nica. We went to Animal Science because Nica submitted a project. We were so hungry so we decided to eat street foods at Raymundo. We also went to Moonleaf. I had Hakka Milk Tea + Nata and Nica had Lychee Yakult + Nata. I used my fish eye lens and we played with it. I also endorsed my blog (feeling eh).It was so cold inside the Moonleaf and left, shaking. On our way to our dorm, we saw the Dolphins Freedom graffiti wall in front of Mendoza apartments. Nica insisted to have a photo opt. We also saw a rainbow and orange sky :)

I can feel that tonight’s going to be a good night, it’s our Christmas party!!! Well, it is different from here.

XXXX, Kaye

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