December 31, 2011

Last Chapter

"I feel like I've started a new chapter in my life, and I need to leave the past behind."
-Jennifer Capriati

Here I go again, writing the last chapter of my life this year. I don’t want to be emotional but who am I kidding? I’m emotional innate. Another year succeeded and a new year will begin again. New Year’s here and people will create resolutions but I will not reveal my list because I want to achieve it one by one first and see for myself before I show it off (labo!). But of course I won’t forget to reminisce the highlights of this year.
~PowerPoint presentation please~
∞ I became legal and mom came home after almost 4 years from Canada. It was the happiest day of my life. The moment I burst into tears when I finally hugged and kissed her. There’s also this night where in I am the center of attention.
∞ I had a productive summer so far because I took a summer class and I never regretted it. For the first time in my college life, I was satisfied especially when I saw my final grade. In a span of one month, I never felt anxiety because I’m only taking one subject which is 2 hours from Monday to Saturday and the rest of the day is playing with dorm mates and studying, of course.

∞ I rode an airplane, finally. Yes! Last summer’s my firs airplane ride! Imagine my face and the panicky feeling I had when it’s about to take-off. I hate the roller-coaster-butterflies-in-stomach feeling especially if there’s turbulence.  Whew! Good thing I’m over and done with it.
∞ I sold my baby, Russell and bought a new one, JK Rowling ND Deep. They are cameras with human names (or not?). Russell is a Nikon D3000 and JK Rowling ND Deep is a Canon PnS. I sold Russell because it’s heavy and bulky and it made me lazy to carry it all around. I chose JK Rowling ND Deep because it’s suuuuuuper handy and some features are better than a bulky camera. But I miss Russell :(
∞ I had my best sembreak so far. I, Jo, Mikki and Shar went to Boracay last break. No need for explanation.
∞ Deleted my old twitter account @kuhren-@kayematis-@kayechinta (I changed my username thrice, okay?!) and created a new one @ktheyoupie. My old twitter was full of rants, dramas and tweets about my chaotic life. I deleted and made a new one at exactly 11/11/11 and promised to tweet negative thoughts less. For me, creating my new account means new and improved self (chos!) and it means be more optimistic than pessimistic.

∞ Harry Potter came to an end and it triggered my interest on books. The work of art ever created came to an end but for me, a new interest has been discovered. I finally got the courage to read my HP book (The Sorcerer’s Stone) and to my surprise, I finished it and then the hobby unearthed.

∞ I moved to blogspotdotcom (hooray!). I was in Tumblr for almost two years and moved to BlogSpot because people there are… Naaaah! I just want to move and most of the people I like are here on BlogSpot. And I guess blogspot is easier to use (for me).
∞ I lost a friend. The feeling of being abandoned. The feeling when your loved one got amnesia. The feeling when you’re hanging by the cliff and your friend hold your hand but let go eventually. The feeling when your friend died and you cry every night. The feeling when you two are too happy yesterday but left you suddenly today without words, explanation nor goodbye. What did I do to make you hesitate or change your mind? I guess people really do change and I hate it. Sad thing is I won't forget those moments. And that’s the painful chapter of my life.

∞ I fell in love at one point. It’s the moment when you’re excited to wake up and looking forward to what will happen that day. It’s when you suddenly smile and sometimes laugh because he randomly pops into your head in the middle of the day. Isn't it amazing how a person who was once just a stranger, suddenly meant the world to you? I was in bliss.

I met these cool people who changed my life. Okay, honestly they are so many and some of them are not included in the photo, sorry. They changed me in different ways. They thought me lessons and I guess they didn’t realize it. “Thank you” is all I can say and until the very end, I treasure them. I'm lucky I met them.

Cheers for the awesomazing year! This may not be the best but it was remarkable so far. I don’t want to plan the future but I hope the 2012 will be great like the rest. Somehow, I became wiser. On the other side, I really hate the idea of firecrackers and noises every New Year's Eve so I probably lock myself inside the bathroom with cotton on my ears. Aaaaaaand January's my birth month and I'm turning 19! Boo!!!

Happy New year guys :)
Life is weird, beautifully weird <3
XXXX, Kaye

December 30, 2011

Pop Or Not?

Nazareno ang peg!

Today, I and Raine went to Nuvali and Solenad. We brought Hachi with us so she could have some exercise before New Year. She was so lazy to walk so we can’t do anything about it but to carry her while we strolled around Nuvali and Solenad. The best part of our strolling is: while walking in Solenad 2, Hachi pooped suddenly (HAHA buti nalang hindi namin siya karga!). Serenitea was jam-packed so we decided to go to Starbucks for a nice chitchat. Did you notice something? YES! I had my hair permed and dyed. I’m not used to seeing my hair black. For a change, I impulsively decided to do this change and hey, it's new year! Time for a change, physically :) 

XXXX, Kaye
photos from Raine

December 29, 2011

Insert Emo Title Here

Out of boredom, I went to the campus and took shots yesterday and post-processed them today. Naaaah! I’m kidding. I took those photos last month when I was in deep musing. I went to the campus alone to unwind because things are getting a little bumpy back then. I thought I will find peace when I go to Freedom Park but I was wrong when I got there because the park was jam-packed (Hello ~.-.j3J3PieHhE33PhZ.-.~). So I decided to walk home and have an ice cream. So to make the story short, I wasted my energy and money for nothing. Oh wait, that’s not new! >:D Okay, I have to study now. Bazinga! Hello it’s holiday break but seriously, I reaaaaally need to study. Kill me, kill me!

XXXX, Kaye

December 25, 2011

Three Little Pigs

Mantel Collar (?) + Matte Nails = Christmas Spirit! HAHA 
Pigged out with my cousins today. After we attended the Holy Mass and ate lunch, we decided to go to SM. We were about to watch a movie, but as usual the scaredy cat me doesn’t like horror movie (Segunda Mano) and my cousins doesn’t like Enteng ng Ina Mo so we ended up pigging out. We ate at Max’s because we want to be fancy (HAHA) and Kuya Dennis treated us! We strolled after and window shopped. We capped our day off at Beanyard and again, Kuya Deniss’ treat. Thank you Kuya Dennis :) :* Iba na talaga pag may work!

XXXX, Kaye