February 22, 2014

Hairry Styles

Ok, before anything else, I'm not a 1D fan but ang witty lang ng title ng post na to. HAHAHA.
 Anyway, before I became inactive here in blogspot, my hairstyle was this. It was long and wavy and if you read my previous post, it undergone a lot of process. Then...
I decided to chop it because I hate how damaged it was and I want to feel lighter. Ang labo ko no? Actually, I want boy-cut but the hairdresser didn't approve. WTH?! Okaaaay.
After 3 months I had it shorter. Yay or nay? I think it's nay. HAHA!
Then after maybe 7 months, I decided to bleach it then dyed it Violet! HAHAHA It was an amazing experience and I bleached and colored my hair on my own so it was not perfect pero okay na din. :) I think I had a monthly trim that's why it was still kinda short that time.
My Violet dye was semi-permanent so after 3 weeks, my hair became blonde. Hihi and obviously, I had my hair trimmed.
Then I decided to color it Red. It was pretty amazing too especially when I go to malls, people we're all looking at me. Head-turner ika nga. HAHAHA. Some people thought it was just a wig. Huhu. Some were teasing me Yeng Constantino, k. And some were telling me "next week green naman".
But after a month, when my semi-permanent Red dye was fading and my black roots were growing na, I decided to be normal again (HAHA!). I mean, it was difficult to maintain that kind of hairstyle so I decided to color my hair black-brown again. Bye bleached hair, I'm thankful that my hair is not damaged. Now, I have that kind of hairstyle, short and black-brown and growing. I'm thinking if I'll dye my hair again but naaah, I think black is okay but whatever. HAHAHA! 

XXXX, Kaye

Happy 20th Birthday Bekis

 So last year, exactly July 10, my best friend (or what we call each other "Bekis",) celebrated her birthday with me and Vi. Last last year, I visited her with Jikko and last year she decided to visit Los Banos for a change. HAHAHA!
Good thing, Daniela's madaldal so there's no awkward moment. HAHA. Don't mind the serious photo of Vi, she's just, well... pa-mysterious. Vi's laughing the whole time, seriously.
 This is our legit mag-Bekis photo, happy :)
 The reason why she arrived super duper late is because she took time to curl her hair. Chos! HAHAHA. Haynako, she arrived maybe 3 in the afternoon so we just ate at Faustina's and that's it. No gala sa school nor seat-in in class. K. Hahaha!
 Thanks to our photographer, Vi :) And look, obviously, I'm hiding my fats. Huhuhu.
 Thanks to the professional photographer, Daniela. K. Haha!
 Ahhhh! Blueberry cheesecake!!!
 We, all smiling at the camera!!!
And look, she gave me an iPhone aztec case for my 20th birthday and I got nothing for her. Kanino ba talagang birthday to? Actually I gave her a lame birthday card and I also wrote "yung iphone case ko" all over it and there's no touching message or whatsoever. I'm so guilty after. HUHU. I'm sorry bekis :( 

Oh and by the way, since it was Daniela's first time in LB, she's so amazed by the trees and the mountains. She kept telling us "ang galing ng mga puno, as in 3D". HAHA! Well, that's Daniela :D

XXXX, Kaye

February 18, 2014

I Want Maple Syrup

So last August, me and my dad went to ... Canada! It was a sudden and short trip. Our Canadian Visa arrived unexpectedly so we have to go to there before it expires and usually families go there and live there for good but in our case, we just stayed there for a week and went back here in the Philippines because I'm still studying. Huhu.
Guess who got the chance to experience business class in PAL? Hihi.
The Big Bang Theory!
Seriously, kain tulog lang kami ni daddy and actually, I hate flying because of turbulence but because we're in business class, I didn't feel it.
Touchdown Vancouver!!!
First thing's first, I need to call mom. Hihi. And when I heard her voice, ahhh, I got teary eyed.
Dad, with his "turista" vibes. HAHA!
Find me! HAHA
Loved the bicycle area.
On our way to Calgary.
Felt like I'm the one who's living in Canada for so long. I'm in-charge of buying train and bus tickets.
It's already quarter to 8 yet the sun is still up.
 Here's the bottle from a drunk man and we actually witnessed him lying on the floor while he was being arrested by a police.
So that was just it. I didn't take too much photos because honestly, all we did was shopping, sleeping and eating. What I loved in Canada (and probably missing right now) is the transportation system. I love how the bus and train works. There were no traffic jams, compared here and commuting is way too different. And the weather, ahhh, it's summer there but it's freakin' cold like we're in Baguio. The streets are also clean and surprisingly, there were no guards inspecting (or should I say poking) the bags of every individual who enters the mall. 
Here are the photos from my phone.
The initial plan for me is to graduate then migrate to Canada but for now, I want to work here first. :)

XXXX, Kaye