February 22, 2014

Hairry Styles

Ok, before anything else, I'm not a 1D fan but ang witty lang ng title ng post na to. HAHAHA.
 Anyway, before I became inactive here in blogspot, my hairstyle was this. It was long and wavy and if you read my previous post, it undergone a lot of process. Then...
I decided to chop it because I hate how damaged it was and I want to feel lighter. Ang labo ko no? Actually, I want boy-cut but the hairdresser didn't approve. WTH?! Okaaaay.
After 3 months I had it shorter. Yay or nay? I think it's nay. HAHA!
Then after maybe 7 months, I decided to bleach it then dyed it Violet! HAHAHA It was an amazing experience and I bleached and colored my hair on my own so it was not perfect pero okay na din. :) I think I had a monthly trim that's why it was still kinda short that time.
My Violet dye was semi-permanent so after 3 weeks, my hair became blonde. Hihi and obviously, I had my hair trimmed.
Then I decided to color it Red. It was pretty amazing too especially when I go to malls, people we're all looking at me. Head-turner ika nga. HAHAHA. Some people thought it was just a wig. Huhu. Some were teasing me Yeng Constantino, k. And some were telling me "next week green naman".
But after a month, when my semi-permanent Red dye was fading and my black roots were growing na, I decided to be normal again (HAHA!). I mean, it was difficult to maintain that kind of hairstyle so I decided to color my hair black-brown again. Bye bleached hair, I'm thankful that my hair is not damaged. Now, I have that kind of hairstyle, short and black-brown and growing. I'm thinking if I'll dye my hair again but naaah, I think black is okay but whatever. HAHAHA! 

XXXX, Kaye

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