March 22, 2012

This Is How We Roll

Finals week is on and nothing compliments hell week but a simple “puyat”. My Fifth family were generous enough to accompany me to my adventure. We’ve been up whole night trying to fight the sleepiness lingering around the corner. They even brought down their banig in case of drowsiness. Good thing, my beloved dorm mate, Rowan treated us midnight snacks! And behold the ever famous Magnum. Yes it’s a must to take a picture while eating it especially when It’s 2 o’clock in the morning. HAHA :) Let's do this :D

XXXX, Kaye

March 20, 2012

Summer Date

Hello there! I know, I know I am such a bad blogger. Today is June 10, 2012, seven o’clock in the morning. I neglected my baby, so kill me - NOW. But hey I’m back and I have many things in store for you so let’s time travel. I’ll post my photos according to its corresponding date. Let’s pretend it’s still March and let’s pretend summer’s just going to start (when in fact three more days to go and it’s game time!) and let’s pretend that I’m a good blogger and I’m updating everyday about my summer escapade. Whatsoever. So here goes the time travelling. Bazing bazang bazoom!!!
Time to update my boyfriend, Tim. I decided to lose weight this summer so I've been putting inspirational things on my boyfriend. But I think it was not effective so I'm not going to be proud of it. Forget what I said and move on... :(

XXXX, Kaye

March 5, 2012

Hair Fetishism

Last Sunday, I decided to change "again" my hairdo by chopping off my old curls and have a new one but this time, I decided to do it from root to tip and bigger curls though it's not visible and I really do not know what happened but I like it! :D I've been under so much stress lately, trying to remove split ends and my solution was to remove it every chance I get like while in class, before I take a bath, before going to bed and so on and so forth. Yes I have always with me my scissors so whenever I see an enemy, I'd cut it off right away. You see, I really like to chop my hair off and just have a boy cut or faux hawk whatsoever basta matanggal lang ang damaged hair and lately I've been searching different hairstyles and been watching people and their hair, weird. But I guess I really need a professional help so I let my trusty hair dresser do it and I made a right choice. YAY for a new hairstyle :D
XXXX, Kaye

Happy Birthday Pepper

Last week, February 28, it's Chelie's special day :D Vi, Ace and I met at the balloon shop as early as 7:30am to order balloons and plan the "surprise". It was really funny because we ordered so many balloons and we really didn't know how to go to ze campus and execute the plan. "Bahala na!" and Vi just went straight to CEM to meet Chelie and how about us? Standing at Raymundo Gate, waiting Vi and oh shoot! Vi has no load so ano na? We went to CEM all by ourselves and again "Bahala na!" To make the story short; our surprise failed but nevertheless, we know we made Chelie happy and kilig :D HAHAHA Sorry Chelie for the lack of preparation and acting skills or whatsoever. After our super successful surprise, we went to St. Therese and then we had super early lunch and didn't finish it so we just gave it to a street child. :D Thanks birthday girl for the apple cinnamon roll :P We love you so much Chelie Pepper :)

XXXX, Kaye