February 24, 2012

Si Juan

Posted this just because I miss you guys!!! This was last semester July-ish 2011 and we're so happy and high, and almost complete and and and ... Let's do this again!
(photos from Xaxa)
XXXX, Kaye

February 20, 2012

Hold On Little Girl

I remembered “Mikaye may concert daw ang Evanescence” “WTF!?! Kelan?” “Sa Feb17 ata” “Tara punta tayo!!!” Jikko texted me that night when I was on my way to Santa Rosa from Los Banos and from then on, I searched on the internet and found out that yes, they will be having a concert and it’s on February 19. Being a fan girl me, I didn’t hesitate on what to answer, cause for me the answer will always be “I will go to that concert no matter what” and it happened! It came true! And now it’s over (insert sad face here).

So last night (okay Kaye, inhale exhale) I saw AMY LEE (AHHHHHHHHH!!!). That night was amazing, beautiful, high, crazy, loud, bright, awesome, and so cold yet I’m sweating, it was EPIC. Can’t find the right word to explain what I felt last night, it was super saturated mixture of emotions (applying what I learned in Chemistry ha!). I was trembling, seriously! I really don’t know what to react. Will I shout or just sit still? Will I sing out loud or just in my head? Ahhhhhhh! That moment was so momentary I can’t breathe!!!

While on my way to Santa Rosa (I came from Los Banos because of Physics Fair that morning) and to QC, I was memorizing their new songs from their new album. I know, I’m such a suckish fan :( I’m sorry! Dad’s insisting that I’ll be late and the line will be so long but good thing, we arrived there 1 hour before the show and entering the dome wasn’t hassle because my ticket was “lucky” (masabe). While waiting, I texted few people about how nervous I am and excited at the same time. And after an hour of waiting and musing, the band “Bush” performed at exactly 8pm. Sorry, I don’t know them so I’m not that excited to see them and got bored :( May part na umakyat siya from Patron to Lower Box sa gilid ko but unfortunately I’m not a fan (sana si Amy Lee nalang) and I also got a chance to touch his hand. After Bush performed, I can feel my adrenalin rush flowing. “OMG! This is it! Makikita ko na siya!”

FLASHBACK: Paano ko nga ba naging favorite ang Evanescence? Aha! It was because of my crush. He said his favorite song was “My Immortal” and “Whisper”. At first, I was not that interested and besides, they are not that popular na (that time ha, lumipas na yung kasikatan nila) BUT coincidentally there’s a “My Immortal” acoustic version on my phone and got interested. I impulsively went to Odyssey to buy their “Fallen” album but unfortunately only cassette tape was available but I still bought it (HAHAHA, see how desperate I am) and BOOM!!! Since that day, I am an Evanescence fan. I bought their “Anywhere But Home” DVD + CD and my obsession worsen especially when I saw their other MV, concert and behind the scenes. I also bought the “Fallen” album in CD na. I can still remember nagdadala ako ng isang box ng diskette sa computer shop tapos magdo-download lang ako ng mga wallpaper at lyrics and printed them out. Ipambabalot ko sa school diary ko or gagawing background ng nametag. Every time I took a bath, I would have a concert and feeling ko kaboses ko si Amy Lee (HAHAHA OKAY!). And of course some of my photos were inspired by them and also my fashion (you know belts, everything black, skirt, accessories, nail polish and sometimes eyeliner) and people back then used to call me “fountain girl” because of my weird hairstyle. Not to mention my email address was "kaye_weak" for a long period of time. For me, Evanescence was my one and only obsession. Super tagal ko nanga hinihiling na sana magpunta sila dito, kahit anong mangyari pupunta talaga ako and it came true!!! Unfortunately, kagabi ko lang din nalaman na may EVPhilippines pala :( And my heart was crushed when I found out that Amy Lee had a “meet and greet” at SM Megamall that same day (HUHUHUHU Fan ba talaga ako?) but I’m still thankful I came and saw my forever girl crush, Amy Lee :) Awww. Can’t wait to see you again and next time I’ll make sure that I’ll meet you close enough to hug you :) I only took few photos because the entire concert, I was taking videos. Should I upload it or not? Nakakahiya maririnig yung pagkanta-ko-slash-pagsigaw-ko. I also have a video crying because of the aftermath taken by Nica (HAHAHA super nakakalungkot lang talaga, seriously!). It was like a Korean series has ended or reading the last chapter of a book :( 

Amy Lee, you’re my forever girl crush, please come back again SOOOOOON :’) OMG I’m crying again. I Love You Amyyyyyyy!!! Someday, someday...

XXXX, Kaye

February 17, 2012

Fiesta Carnival

Photos from UPLB Feb Fair and Fritz and Popo's Birthday Celebration :D Happy Birthday Fritz! ILYSM :) :* Sorry, too lazy to tell everything about what happened. Hihi ;)
XXXX, Kaye