June 15, 2015

DIY Weekend

Help! Pinterest's eating me alive!!! HAHA But seriously though, these past few days (or maybe weeks), I've been hooked to Pinterest and I can't stop pinning and liking and visiting other's pages. Well, the reason why I'm into Pinterest is because we've moved out and moved in to a new house. A lot bigger house means bigger room and it also means RE-DECORATING!!! To make my long story short, I did some DIY inspired by, of course, Pinterest. I decided to stick to my favorite motif, GOLD. Ahhh, gold!!!
 I started with these rocks. I chose them because I think they're the safest things to start with especially to a beginner like me. I fell in love to the spray paint after spraying the first coat. I want to grab something, anything and spray paint it all day.
 The next thing I spray painted was these plaster hands of Vi
 Aww look at my babies, they're all sitting pretty waiting to be dry and ready for the third coat
 Oh did I mention, I also did this. This is all over Pinterest and they suggest candle holder but since I cannot find candle holders, I improvised and used wine glass instead.
I created this for my nail polishes. Ahhh perks of working in the mall that have Dollarama ;)
 Tada! Here's the finished product. It's not goldy-gold but kinda brass-y but it's okay, at least it's sparkly metallic-y HAHA pampalubag loob
 Vian's "Kikiam hands" :)
 And here's my DIY nail polish organizer
Aren't they look nice and elegant? Yayamanin! CHOS Haha
Next time, I'll spray paint my entire room. HAHA just kidding. Well, I love DIYs so maybe I'll try another next weekend.

XXXX, Kaye