January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me X Last Year

The thing I love about January is the fresh start of the year and of course, my birthday! I was born on the 25th and now, I celebrated my 21st birthday (OMG!). But let me post my birthday last year, my 20th birthday, the year I bid goodbye to my teenage years. 

My favorite Red Ribbon's Mango Cake from someone who knows me too well :)

My friends, then again, surprised me! I wasn't really expecting it 'cause I'm so happy and really satisfied of what's been going around since I woke up that morning and I thought they'll not gonna push through because I caught them talking about the "suprise" on facebook. Well, Vi haphazardly mentioned the "surprise" on facebook chat conversation and she didn't know I was also part of the conversation. HAHAHA. But seriously, I was touched :) By the way, I wore a dress because it's my birthday!
After my last class, I went to my dorm to fix my things because I was going home that day. I was putting the balloons on my bed when I realized my bed was in a mess then I saw a red box. I thought it was a cake from my dorm mates which, again, a leaked surprise but to my surprise, it's not! It's from someone who knows me too well :') My favorite cake, my favorite chocolate, a red pillow saying "I love you", a book which I mentioned while we were at a book store, a bag which I totally love and a letter which explains everything. I was jumping! Literally jumping and barefooted while saying thank you and hugging the person who gave those to me. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU TOO :')
The next day, Saturday, I celebrated my 20th birthday at McDonald's. It's a kiddie party and I was wearing a costume! HAHA. I'm Minnie Mouse. It was fun despite the late arrival of my friends and limited time of the party. I chose this kind of party celebration because when I was a kid, I never got a chance to celebrate my birthday this way unlike other kids so this is my way of saying goodbye to my teenage years and hello to my kinda-mature-age years, I'm twenty :)

XXXX, Kaye

January 21, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons

... make a lemon water. My best friend, Daniela, taught me something interesting. It's about the famous Lemon Water. I've been hearing a lot about this wonder but I never dared to do it until yesterday.

I went to the nearest grocery store and thankfully, they have lemons (take note, it's pricey). I only bought three pieces because Daniela said it's highly perishable and I don't have a refrigerator in my apartment. My first slice and drink was okay. It tastes like a lemonade juice (obviously). Read this for more Lemon Water benefits. I'm hoping that I can do this detoxify and losing weight thingy until I reaches my goal :)

XXXX, Kaye


Last Monday, I went to Makati to have a cupcake. Of course not! HAHA. I went to Makati because I and my best friend slash business partner, Daniela had a business meeting with Zalora (yes, the famous online store). I really don't know if it's really a "business meeting" but yes, we went to their main office and talked to their executive to discuss something which will be launched on the first week of February. After our meeting with the Z, we went to Glorietta 2 to talk about what we've recently discussed and anything what best friends do talk about. Huh?!

Lemon Drop

Sige na, i-po-post ko na'to. HAHA
PS. We're not really moms okay. That's what we call ourselves because we're like moms doing business while taking care of their kids while us, we're doing business while taking care of our other "stuffs" like school.

XXXX, Kaye

January 13, 2014

Project Pie

Finally, got the chance to try this awesome create-your-own-pizza place, Project Pie. Now I can finally cross it off on my places-to-go list

XXXX, Kaye

Monday Mayhem

Oh, it's Monday again. Okay.

XXXX, Kaye