January 13, 2014

Green Green Grass

Exactly a year ago, Vi and I had a photo shoot for our college yearbook. It was such a hassle 'cause we thought our Sablay, formal and creative shot was enough for the yearbook but not. We had an impromptu shoot in Letran, Calamba. Thanks to the tripod and self-timer feature of my camera because obviously, Vi doesn't know what she's doing. HAHA jk. I let Vi roll and lay in the grass and imagine how itchy wast that. Anyway, I already saw our yearbook and it was awesome except the creative shot part wherein they cropped our photos. What's the point of our props if it was cropped? Grr. K. And please disregard my humongous arms and legs. Ok fine, my whole body's humongous.

XXXX, Kaye


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    1. HUHUHU. Alam mo naman yung cycle. Papayat-Tataba-Papayat-Tataba. HAHAHAHA