March 20, 2014

Mio Cantina

So yesterday, Mikki and I went to Mio Cantina to grab some merienda. It's my first time there and supposedly we'll eat there last week but my camera's not with me so we didn't push through. Arte! I want to blog the place so yesterday's the perfect time. I accidentally saw Mikki at Raymundo Gate then he asked me to eat at Mio (finally!) then obviously, I said my "yes". HAHA! Okay, so here are the photos which I excitedly want to post right away but I'm too tired last night.
Candid! (daw)
The small yet super classy kitchen.
Strawberry and Raspberry
Ahhh! Minimalist wall.
The place smells like waffle because of their candle (I think?) so it will really boost your cravings for sweets. HAHA. I thought they're selling waffles too, aww.
Pork Bao
Chicken Bao
Menu board, classic.
And they're too nice to give us complimentary donuts and hot choco. Grabe ang sarap!
We also tried this heavenly creature, Bread Pudding.
Hot choco's made from the tablea. Ahh I remembered our Crop Science 2 days.
And our verdict (taray, parang food blogger lang) is two thumbs up! Will definitely come back here especially when I'm craving for sweets. I super love the Baos and will try the other flavors. Thanks Mikki for bringing me here kahit isang tawid lang from CEM. HAHAHA. Yaaay! Thank you Mio Cantina especially the loyalty card :)

XXXX, Kaye

March 16, 2014

On Catching Up and Sweet Talks

My Little Oscar
Pudding with Vanilla Sauce
Last Friday's full of catching up. Had a spontaneous date with my girl, Cheli. Yaaay! We celebrated her super late birthday at Figaro. Happy birthday Pepper!

XXXX, Kaye

March 15, 2014


Selfies of them taking selfies.
XXXX, Kaye

March 14, 2014

Birthday Cakes, Cupcakes and Candles

Last January 25 was my 21st birthday. I know, this post is so late. Anyway, I did not celebrate my birthday unlike my previous birthdays because I have no money and I'm lazy. HAHA! My college buddies surprised me like last year. I got cakes and Braso de Mercedes cupcakes. Well, I'm 21 now and as usual, nothing has changed. Chos! Drama.

XXXX, Kaye

March 11, 2014

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Last night, I went to Alabang Town Center with my friends. We ate early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen then headed to this heavenly place. I thought VCB was closed because there were no people around. Yes the place is all by ourselves!!! I grabbed the opportunity to take photos especially their cupcakes and the interiors.

XXXX, Kaye