March 8, 2014


So last Tuesday we had our food fest in one of my subjects, SOSC3: Gender and Sexuality. Our food fest's theme is about aphrodisiacs. We were divided in to three groups so each group has 10-11 members. We have to incorporate our group's theme and of course our menu to the main theme and our theme was obviously Greek so our menu was Greek foods with aphrodisiacs in it. I volunteered myself to do the theme and table set-up because obviously I love doing these stuffs and I hate talking in front of people.
Patrick, my co-member, calls this The Great Wall of Kaye. HAHAHA! A for effort huh! Well, since I have so many scratch papers because of thesis, I printed these "bricks" at the back of the paper and put them together a la wallpaper for our backdrop.

Thanks to my group mates for helping me set-up our booth and finishing my unfinished work. sorry
I printed all the anything-related-to-paper decors. Even the table runner! Thanks to Pinterest for the ideas. Ha! Sometimes I'm planning to be an event organizer someday. Chos!

Oh did I mention there are judges? Good luck to us!
My group, team Olympus :)
Look at the other's booth, it was also bongga and it's witty huh.
I love this group's theme, pirates. Arr!
And wow,there's a Violinist. Ang galing talaga ng mga UP Student! Chos!
The whole event was fun. Some group exerted effort and some were uhhm not. Of course our group exerted effort that's why our professor kept saying "proud ako sa inyo" every time she passes by. Our prep time was 3 hours tops then there's a little talk about Aphrodisiacs then the judges started roaming around. We prepared small amount of our food for 20-25 persons. I personally liked the cranberry juice or am I just thirsty from all the work done? HAHA and the yogurt! Yumm-y! It was really fun especially the witty titles especially if there's a halong kabastusan. Hihi :D

XXXX, Kaye

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