July 29, 2012

Fail Trip

Field trip in NASC5. I and Nica were so so so excited :)
XXXX, Kaye

July 27, 2012

Where's Tito Jerry?

TGIF! Spent the morning by ditching my first class and accompanying Nica instead. We rode pedicab to DTRI and had an EMO photo-shoot just because. Best background ever because of the mountains, trees and animal’s poopoo. Then we went to Agronomy to confirm my score in Soil Science (SOILS1) first lecture exam and I’m (wait for it…) 81! My professor congratulated me and good lucked me for the second exam (sayang hindi na-videohan ni Nica ang aming pagha-handshake). I couldn’t believe it, that exam was freakin’ hard and I seriously thought I will get the lowest. HUHU I really want to see my paper, not just the summary of my score, I doubt. Then we headed to Vet.Med. for our class. Hello wearing of sunglasses inside the lecture hall and being a hipster/nyenyemon. Ajejejeje~ Have a happy weekend guys :)

XXXX, Kaye