August 8, 2012

Still A Geek

Typical merienda @ McDo with Nica. First set of photos without wearing my eyeglasses and having my first pair of contacts. Finally. took the courage to try one and imagine my struggling of putting it and taking it off. HAHAHA! But now I'm used to it. Anyway, I posted these photos 'cause I'm bored and again, no classes tomorrow.

XXXX, Kaye


So the classes are suspended again due to heavy rain but I can see the sun now (YAAAY!). Woke up on the right side of the bed unlike yesterday and today is another lazy day but there's a good music, downloaded series, an internet connection and a good book to read so nothing to worry about. I might just read that erotic novel and roll in the bed the whole day just because of Christian. Hooray! I'm part of the bandwagon >:)

XXXX, Kaye

August 7, 2012


Instead of holding a manual and studying for my lab, here I am posting the photos from our impromptu shoot and listening to my new favourite couple singers; Karmin. So, okay, the classes were suspended and everyone’s happy including me. But actually, I’m NOT because… I can’t wear my boots which I’m very proud of because 1.) I’ve been looking for these for ages 2.) it is from a thrift shop and it only costs 400 moolah and 3.) it is good for rainy days, not for no-classes days *straight face*. Anyway, I think you need 3D glasses or something to see it clearly. ;)

XXXX, Kaye