August 2, 2015


Hey guys, just want to let you know I'm moving to a new platform, Tumblr! Follow me HERE okay?  See you!!!

XXXX, Kaye

June 15, 2015

DIY Weekend

Help! Pinterest's eating me alive!!! HAHA But seriously though, these past few days (or maybe weeks), I've been hooked to Pinterest and I can't stop pinning and liking and visiting other's pages. Well, the reason why I'm into Pinterest is because we've moved out and moved in to a new house. A lot bigger house means bigger room and it also means RE-DECORATING!!! To make my long story short, I did some DIY inspired by, of course, Pinterest. I decided to stick to my favorite motif, GOLD. Ahhh, gold!!!
 I started with these rocks. I chose them because I think they're the safest things to start with especially to a beginner like me. I fell in love to the spray paint after spraying the first coat. I want to grab something, anything and spray paint it all day.
 The next thing I spray painted was these plaster hands of Vi
 Aww look at my babies, they're all sitting pretty waiting to be dry and ready for the third coat
 Oh did I mention, I also did this. This is all over Pinterest and they suggest candle holder but since I cannot find candle holders, I improvised and used wine glass instead.
I created this for my nail polishes. Ahhh perks of working in the mall that have Dollarama ;)
 Tada! Here's the finished product. It's not goldy-gold but kinda brass-y but it's okay, at least it's sparkly metallic-y HAHA pampalubag loob
 Vian's "Kikiam hands" :)
 And here's my DIY nail polish organizer
Aren't they look nice and elegant? Yayamanin! CHOS Haha
Next time, I'll spray paint my entire room. HAHA just kidding. Well, I love DIYs so maybe I'll try another next weekend.

XXXX, Kaye

May 24, 2015


These photos doesn't give justice to my "actual" shots and the place itself. Sorry for the crappy photo, even I can't stand it :/ I'm saving up so I can have a decent camera. Seriously, I don't know what's happening to my pictures after I edit it so sorry guys :(

XXXX, Kaye

May 23, 2015

May 18, 2015

Unboxing: Duchess Bake Shop

Have you seen this list? Have you noticed the number 4? See, I know right? It's "the" Duchess Bake Shop here in Edmonton. When my co-worker said that there's a popular bakeshop here in YEG, I can't stop thinking about it. "I must go there" "I must try their specialty" "Is there a macarons?" "I hope so" "Okay, they have macarons!!!" " I must try them". HAHAHA those are the thoughts that keep hunting me. So anyway, I asked my mom to go there and buy me macarons. I can't go there because I have work, and yes even weekends. 
I was so excited coming home because I know my babies are waiting for me
AHHHH! I know, ang OA ko
Ohhh, I'm so satisfied just by looking at them
See? Perfection!
Another angle HAHA
I want to go there personally but I want a decent camera cause I know the shop's photogenic.  I'm still saving up for a new camera because I left my camera in the Ph so I'm just using my iPhone. Ahhh, I want to explore Edmonton. Soon Kaye, soon :)

XXXX, Kaye