May 18, 2015

Unboxing: Duchess Bake Shop

Have you seen this list? Have you noticed the number 4? See, I know right? It's "the" Duchess Bake Shop here in Edmonton. When my co-worker said that there's a popular bakeshop here in YEG, I can't stop thinking about it. "I must go there" "I must try their specialty" "Is there a macarons?" "I hope so" "Okay, they have macarons!!!" " I must try them". HAHAHA those are the thoughts that keep hunting me. So anyway, I asked my mom to go there and buy me macarons. I can't go there because I have work, and yes even weekends. 
I was so excited coming home because I know my babies are waiting for me
AHHHH! I know, ang OA ko
Ohhh, I'm so satisfied just by looking at them
See? Perfection!
Another angle HAHA
I want to go there personally but I want a decent camera cause I know the shop's photogenic.  I'm still saving up for a new camera because I left my camera in the Ph so I'm just using my iPhone. Ahhh, I want to explore Edmonton. Soon Kaye, soon :)

XXXX, Kaye

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