May 30, 2012


I am pretty much sure that I’m an Ukay-holic. Would you believe ever since I stepped in college, all my clothes are from thrift shops? I think only 1% are not from the flea market. It’s either gifted or from tiange. I know, I don’t wear fashionable enough like f. bloggers but I’m really happy about my fashion sense (???). For me thrifting has so many pros especially I’m studying in a school with no uniform. Some Pros are: it’s cheaper -- you can find a piece for as low as only 10php, seriously or even 5, it’s unique -- you don’t need to worry if your classmate’s top is just like yours because it’s not available in the mall, and it’s so much fun ransacking thrift shops -- the feeling when you found a pretty piece unexpectedly. The feeling when you saw a branded piece for only 50php. The feeling when you saw a piece with a tag price. The feeling when you get out of the shop with a handful of plastic bags full of unique and unexpected goods. I save money for thrifting. Hmm, I spend almost 3k every time I go to thrift shops but hey that 3k can buy 30-50 pieces compared to tianges and malls. Thrifting is super fun I tell you. You just have to be patient on searching a wearable piece and inspecting every part of the piece and thrift shops are not that comfortable to shop to unlike malls so prepare to be sweaty and sticky after. You should also know how to “tawad” to salesladies because a discount is still a discount. 
 Saw this brown sling bag at a thrift store and immediately bought it. When I looked at the brand, I died. This is the perfect school bag I’ve been looking for.
  I love loose and printed tops and now I’m fond of white and black and neutral colors. Since rainy season is here, I opted to buy long sleeved tops with soft texture. Jang Geun Suk ang peg!
I organized my wardrobe by color. YAAAAY! And every time I arrive home, dad’s scolding me because I have so many clothes and some were not even worn yet. Oh how I wish he can understand a girl like me… :)

XXXX, Kaye

May 28, 2012

Bursted Colors

Of course I won’t let summer slip away without seeing Pek. We had our seasonal shopping day. Thanks Pek and I know you’re really excited for this incoming school year. And thank you for teaching me the makaluma pose and I super love our Jeje Couple Pose. HAHA. I love you! Sorry for the face spam :)

XXXX, Kaye

May 27, 2012

Star City

 Star City with Mama Nan, Papa Jun, Kuya, CJ and Vane. We first watched Swan Lake ballet and yes there’s no photo. I’m so pissed the entire show because I though cameras were not allowed but surprise surprise, it is okay to take a photo. Okay. And it was boring, seriously. I think I’m not a fan of ballet shows, sorry. We had a ride-all-you-can pass but ended up riding not a single one. We just ate and wander around the park. Decided to make the photos black and white just because except for the moving carousel. Teehee!

XXXX, Kaye

May 24, 2012

Trio Tagapayo

Jo decided tp visit me here in Santa Rosa just because she misses me so baaaaaaad. Right bitch? HAHA! We first hang out at SM and I let her read my current addiction: Wattpad. She already read some stories but I insisted her to read Secretly Married just because it’s the best story ever. After realizing we’ve got nothing to do, we called Mikki and asking to come over but as usual “dito nalang kayo pumunta” and since there’s a lot better to do in Nuvali compared to SM, we went there before sunset. We ate at Army Navy because we’re broke and saving money then continued our chitchat at Serenitea. Jo slept at ours and she brought many pocket books like hundreds. I dunno. She enjoyed wearing the “sexy” piece she’s been eyeing on.

XXXX, Kaye