May 24, 2012

Kupi Shap

Another date with my bestfriend but this time we went to MOA. And I’m with my future boyfriend, Gab. Isn’t he a cutie? We’ve been talking about how pretty boy Gab would become when he grow up. We window shopped and spazzing over everything. I want to go back there especially Uniqlo will open on June 13. Gaaaah! We also saw Ian Somerhalder. We ate at Bon Chon then had kupi at kupi shap. HAHA. Me and my bestfriend were fond of saying “kupi” instead of coffee because that’s how Koreans say it. It’s cute and we feel like we’re Koreans. HAHA. Then another sleepover at her house and we watched Postman to Heaven. Kyaaaaaaaaah! Jae-joong’s so dreamy :)

XXXX, Kaye

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