May 10, 2012

Wattpad Appreciation Day

Have you heard about “Wattpad”? If not my friend, let me tell you something about my current addiction. Since there is no internet and laptop this summer, I’m spending my whole day reading in Wattpad world. Wattpad is a community of writers and readers. Anyone can write a story and anyone can read it. Stories there are not published so don’t expect quality stories but I’m really happy reading stories there because some are natural and easy to understand. HAHA! Actually I’m reading Tagalog (Filipino) Romance stories. And swear, it’s so nakakakilig. The feeling while reading it makes my stomach flutter. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! – a famous reaction on wattpad when the character saw a handsome guy.
When I finished reading a story, when in fact it’s a trilogy – oh diba susyal? I immediately told this wattpad thing to my bestfriend because I know she’s also a fan of romantic stories stuff. At first she got bored but eventually she’s been calling me just to say how nakakakilig the story was. HAHAHA! - Sorry bestfriend I have to reveal this. Anyway, so we decided to have an EB as in Eye Ball. Kidding aside, we decided to meet up because it’s much easier to discuss it in person. We’re so addicted we even planned to have a Watty Café dedicated to Wattpad readers. We’re also laughing about how exaggerated things are in the story. But it was so much fun talking about it all day! Haha hello Daniela! :D

XXXX, Kaye

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