April 6, 2012

Le Fambam

Spent the day at Albay. Went to the famous Cagsawa Ruins but too bad we didn’t saw the perfect shape of Mayon Volcano because of the heavy clouds. We also went to Ligñon Hill. It was my first time there so I really do not have any idea about their so called “trecking”. I thought it was just a slippery, dirty and itchy experience but NOOOOOO! It was the so called “Kapit Tuko Trail” because you’ll really climb hundreds of steps. We’re no prepared! According to Bicol.com “Ligñon Hill is among the first things one would notice around Legazpi City. Strategically situated along the line of sight to the Mayon volcano, this more-or-less 150m-high hill sits humbly overlooking the city and the adjacent town of Daraga, offering a magnificent breath-taking 360-degree panoramic view. Once used as a refuge for soldiers during the World War II, Ligñon Hill is increasingly becoming a developing tourist hub throughout the years, projecting itself as both a nature park as well as an area for extreme sports.” My cousins told us it was a shortcut to the top but believe me, I’d rather take the long cut. But it was fun. We were all shouting and ranting. We’re sweaty, tired, dirty and very very thirsty. But after the last step and looking at the view, it was breath-taking. You can see the town and the Legazpi airport.  There is also zipline, hanging bridge and rappelling. After the strenuous activity, we had dinner at Embarcadero de Legazpi. Ended the day stargazing although there’s no star. Look at the moon, creepy

XXXX, Kaye

April 5, 2012

Be Cool

I decided not to take summer class because I already have plans for summer. I also want to rest for a while. I know I’ve been a bad student and I, myself was disappointed on how my semester ended. But please I really need to unwind and rest. I started my soul searching here at my original place, Bicol :)

XXXX, Kaye