March 9, 2014


  • reading thesis, thesis and more thesis sent to me by my bloc-mates via email.
  • listening to Christina Bianco’s impersonation. OMG she’s the bomb! I super duper love her!
  • thinking about my adviser and the upcoming exam on Friday. Grr!
  • wishing my subjects are over so I can focus on my thesis now.
  • hoping for the best, hoping to graduate this April. Ahhhhh!
  • loving Ellen DeGeneres, I wish her show’s like a series and downloadable so I can watch every episode of it.
  • feeling sad because I finished watching Orange is the New Black :(
  • clicking around Youtube. I also love Brizzy Voices, she’s so talented.
  • wanting quality time with my dorm-matesbloc-mates and COF. I miss the old bonding routine, but now everyone’s hard to reach. Well… including me. Sorry.
XXXX, Kaye

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