January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me X Last Year

The thing I love about January is the fresh start of the year and of course, my birthday! I was born on the 25th and now, I celebrated my 21st birthday (OMG!). But let me post my birthday last year, my 20th birthday, the year I bid goodbye to my teenage years. 

My favorite Red Ribbon's Mango Cake from someone who knows me too well :)

My friends, then again, surprised me! I wasn't really expecting it 'cause I'm so happy and really satisfied of what's been going around since I woke up that morning and I thought they'll not gonna push through because I caught them talking about the "suprise" on facebook. Well, Vi haphazardly mentioned the "surprise" on facebook chat conversation and she didn't know I was also part of the conversation. HAHAHA. But seriously, I was touched :) By the way, I wore a dress because it's my birthday!
After my last class, I went to my dorm to fix my things because I was going home that day. I was putting the balloons on my bed when I realized my bed was in a mess then I saw a red box. I thought it was a cake from my dorm mates which, again, a leaked surprise but to my surprise, it's not! It's from someone who knows me too well :') My favorite cake, my favorite chocolate, a red pillow saying "I love you", a book which I mentioned while we were at a book store, a bag which I totally love and a letter which explains everything. I was jumping! Literally jumping and barefooted while saying thank you and hugging the person who gave those to me. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU TOO :')
The next day, Saturday, I celebrated my 20th birthday at McDonald's. It's a kiddie party and I was wearing a costume! HAHA. I'm Minnie Mouse. It was fun despite the late arrival of my friends and limited time of the party. I chose this kind of party celebration because when I was a kid, I never got a chance to celebrate my birthday this way unlike other kids so this is my way of saying goodbye to my teenage years and hello to my kinda-mature-age years, I'm twenty :)

XXXX, Kaye

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