February 18, 2014

I Want Maple Syrup

So last August, me and my dad went to ... Canada! It was a sudden and short trip. Our Canadian Visa arrived unexpectedly so we have to go to there before it expires and usually families go there and live there for good but in our case, we just stayed there for a week and went back here in the Philippines because I'm still studying. Huhu.
Guess who got the chance to experience business class in PAL? Hihi.
The Big Bang Theory!
Seriously, kain tulog lang kami ni daddy and actually, I hate flying because of turbulence but because we're in business class, I didn't feel it.
Touchdown Vancouver!!!
First thing's first, I need to call mom. Hihi. And when I heard her voice, ahhh, I got teary eyed.
Dad, with his "turista" vibes. HAHA!
Find me! HAHA
Loved the bicycle area.
On our way to Calgary.
Felt like I'm the one who's living in Canada for so long. I'm in-charge of buying train and bus tickets.
It's already quarter to 8 yet the sun is still up.
 Here's the bottle from a drunk man and we actually witnessed him lying on the floor while he was being arrested by a police.
So that was just it. I didn't take too much photos because honestly, all we did was shopping, sleeping and eating. What I loved in Canada (and probably missing right now) is the transportation system. I love how the bus and train works. There were no traffic jams, compared here and commuting is way too different. And the weather, ahhh, it's summer there but it's freakin' cold like we're in Baguio. The streets are also clean and surprisingly, there were no guards inspecting (or should I say poking) the bags of every individual who enters the mall. 
Here are the photos from my phone.
The initial plan for me is to graduate then migrate to Canada but for now, I want to work here first. :)

XXXX, Kaye

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