February 3, 2012

My Last Teenage Year

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been very busy with school lately and since my exam lasted today, I found time to post-process and share here what happened for the past  two weeks. So uhmmm, I celebrated my 19th birthday last last Wednesday – January 25.
(post-its all over the room from Nica and I left my phone and when I got back and opened it, I saw this)
Started my day with birthday greetings through text, tweets and personal greetings. I had my PE class which is Tennis, watched a black and white film in PI and felt almost asleep then had lunch. Since it's Wednesday, I had lunch with Mikki, Cheli, Vi and Ace and they surprised me! 
Funny how I didn't notice the acting-slash-surprise thing. I was waiting for them but only Cheli and Mikki appeared then I received a text from Vi saying "sorry hindi ako makakasama, may meeting kami" blah-blah and Ace wasn't around either so we headed first to Cel's to eat. After we ordered and got back to our table, of course we had photo taking and surprise surprise, Ace and Vi came from nowhere with a "better than sex" cake and colorful balloons (look at photo #1). Of course I was surprised :) I remembered, I told Cheli about Vi still not greeting me. HAHA :D I love you guys. Thank you for the cake and balloons :) :* Not to mention, people were staring at me because I was holding them around the campus till my last class. I also attended mass with Nica :)
I and Nino celebrated our birthdays together with Fifth Family. We had dinner at Max's Restaurant (where in fact, I celebrated my birthday there last year and I shall blog it soon). They gave us ice cream cause it's our birthday. Rowan also gave us a box of Caramel Bar (thank you Rowaneska). 
When we got back to our dorm, they surprised me. After I changed my clothes, I opened the door and saw the hallway-lights off and there they are, singing happy birthday with Chocolate cake, pink neon cartolina, photo of me-poker face with icing on my face and a guitar. No photos of the whole surprise  tho. They sang "My Immortal" and "Bring Me To Life" by my favorite band, Evanescence. Thank you my Fifth Family; Nica, Peny, Lyza, Fritz, Nino, RJ, Jed, Rowan, Trish, Janna, Pompy and Pat. I love you guys :*
And speaking of my favorite band, "Evanescence", guess who already have a ticket to their concert on February 19? Thank you mommy for the ticket. This is my wish since high school, hoping Evanescence will have a concert here. Dream came true and of course I'm not going to miss it. I can't wait to see my forever girl crush, Amy Lee. Haaaay :D
Peny also gave me a book "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" by my favorite author, Mitch Albom. Thank you Peny :) Another inspiring book to read while school's beating me. I love you Girl Bul**l >:D

"Thank you Lord for an another awesomazing year.
I'm so happy and blessed today :)"
XXXX, Kaye

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