March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Pepper

Last week, February 28, it's Chelie's special day :D Vi, Ace and I met at the balloon shop as early as 7:30am to order balloons and plan the "surprise". It was really funny because we ordered so many balloons and we really didn't know how to go to ze campus and execute the plan. "Bahala na!" and Vi just went straight to CEM to meet Chelie and how about us? Standing at Raymundo Gate, waiting Vi and oh shoot! Vi has no load so ano na? We went to CEM all by ourselves and again "Bahala na!" To make the story short; our surprise failed but nevertheless, we know we made Chelie happy and kilig :D HAHAHA Sorry Chelie for the lack of preparation and acting skills or whatsoever. After our super successful surprise, we went to St. Therese and then we had super early lunch and didn't finish it so we just gave it to a street child. :D Thanks birthday girl for the apple cinnamon roll :P We love you so much Chelie Pepper :)

XXXX, Kaye