March 5, 2012

Hair Fetishism

Last Sunday, I decided to change "again" my hairdo by chopping off my old curls and have a new one but this time, I decided to do it from root to tip and bigger curls though it's not visible and I really do not know what happened but I like it! :D I've been under so much stress lately, trying to remove split ends and my solution was to remove it every chance I get like while in class, before I take a bath, before going to bed and so on and so forth. Yes I have always with me my scissors so whenever I see an enemy, I'd cut it off right away. You see, I really like to chop my hair off and just have a boy cut or faux hawk whatsoever basta matanggal lang ang damaged hair and lately I've been searching different hairstyles and been watching people and their hair, weird. But I guess I really need a professional help so I let my trusty hair dresser do it and I made a right choice. YAY for a new hairstyle :D
XXXX, Kaye


  1. Oh my gosh!! I totally carry scissors with me everywhere too! And when I see split ends I chop them right off.. Used to do it in class but I got scolded for not paying attention.. hahaha! Like your new hair by the way :)

    Kisses! xxx

    1. HAHA me too me too :)) I'd cut it when the teacher is not looking >:)) Thanks :)