March 20, 2012

Summer Date

Hello there! I know, I know I am such a bad blogger. Today is June 10, 2012, seven o’clock in the morning. I neglected my baby, so kill me - NOW. But hey I’m back and I have many things in store for you so let’s time travel. I’ll post my photos according to its corresponding date. Let’s pretend it’s still March and let’s pretend summer’s just going to start (when in fact three more days to go and it’s game time!) and let’s pretend that I’m a good blogger and I’m updating everyday about my summer escapade. Whatsoever. So here goes the time travelling. Bazing bazang bazoom!!!
Time to update my boyfriend, Tim. I decided to lose weight this summer so I've been putting inspirational things on my boyfriend. But I think it was not effective so I'm not going to be proud of it. Forget what I said and move on... :(

XXXX, Kaye

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