December 11, 2011

Frostea The Snow Man

BLT Carbonara
Hello Pen :D
BPC Carbonara
Cherry Frostea
Fudge Brownie Alamode
posted this again just because
Another heaven-made frostea
perfect atmosphere
I can already feel the yuletide season. Day by day, I am loving the weather but it doesn't satisfy me yet. More chills please :) One week to go and it's Christmas vacay! I don't have any exam this year so prolly they will all haunt me next year, ONE TIME BIG TIME. So anyway, I and Peny decided to have our super late lunch at Ristretto. It was almost 4:30 so I guess this was early dinner, or not. Enjoyed the stay by reading Bob Ong's new book: Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin while Peny's reviewing in Chemistry. I felt some revolution in my stomach (If you know what I mean. HAHA) and decided to leave first.

Advance Merry Christmas guys! :)
XXXX, Kaye

Took these photos using Peny's camera. Thanks Penilalanin :*

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