December 25, 2011

Three Little Pigs

Mantel Collar (?) + Matte Nails = Christmas Spirit! HAHA 
Pigged out with my cousins today. After we attended the Holy Mass and ate lunch, we decided to go to SM. We were about to watch a movie, but as usual the scaredy cat me doesn’t like horror movie (Segunda Mano) and my cousins doesn’t like Enteng ng Ina Mo so we ended up pigging out. We ate at Max’s because we want to be fancy (HAHA) and Kuya Dennis treated us! We strolled after and window shopped. We capped our day off at Beanyard and again, Kuya Deniss’ treat. Thank you Kuya Dennis :) :* Iba na talaga pag may work!

XXXX, Kaye


  1. I love eating at Max's.. Your shirt is really cute! ;)

    Kisses! xxx

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