December 29, 2011

Insert Emo Title Here

Out of boredom, I went to the campus and took shots yesterday and post-processed them today. Naaaah! I’m kidding. I took those photos last month when I was in deep musing. I went to the campus alone to unwind because things are getting a little bumpy back then. I thought I will find peace when I go to Freedom Park but I was wrong when I got there because the park was jam-packed (Hello ~.-.j3J3PieHhE33PhZ.-.~). So I decided to walk home and have an ice cream. So to make the story short, I wasted my energy and money for nothing. Oh wait, that’s not new! >:D Okay, I have to study now. Bazinga! Hello it’s holiday break but seriously, I reaaaaally need to study. Kill me, kill me!

XXXX, Kaye


  1. KAYE IM HURT "Hello ~.-.j3J3PieHhE33PhZ.-.~" HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA :))

    reference: :))))))))))

  2. HAHAHAHA Sorrehhhhh pUoHWSZ :( HAHAHA!