December 15, 2011

My Fifth Family Christmas Party 2011

It's almost 12 midnight and we’ve just finished our Christmas Party. It was very fun and everyone left with smiles on their faces (especially me). We had games, foods and exchange gifts. It was very fun especially our games. The party was initiated by Fritz and then followed by Nino’s thanksgiving prayer. BKS prepared the salad and dessert. Our foods were Lumpiang Shanghai, Barbeque, Hotdog, Rice, Broccoli Salad, and Strawberry Cream Cheese Crepe. Our games were “Trip to Nirvana”, “Palambutan Ng Talong”, “Charade of Fifthsters”, “Pinoy Henyo” then “Catching of the Egg”. We really enjoyed our games despite the fact there were no prizes. We exchanged gifts. I was picked by Trish and her gift was a book: Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher *super wide smile* and I picked Peny. My gift is also a book: For One More Day by Mitch Albom and a 500 pieces jigsaw puzzle of a cat because she loves cat. Actually, she wants a book: The Hunger Games – Catching Fire but it was out of stock so I just got her another yet inspiring book and a puzzle (sorry Penylalamin). And lastly, we group hugged and greeted everyone a Merry Christmas. Most likely this will be our last Christmas party together; dorm mates, because they will graduate next year. 

I love you dormies, my Fifth family :)
Warning: photo-heavy post after the break.

The chefs (Trish was not included in the photo, sorry)
Ang macho ni Fritz!

They cooked  and naglampungan  at our dorm's kitchen 

Welcoming of the guests by Fritz and thanksgiving prayer by Nino.

While waiting for Peny, Fritz and Jed had an intermission number. They danced Sweet Dreams of Beyonce.

Since it was almost 9 o’clock, we were so hungry so we ate first before anything else. Thank you BKS for the effort of cooking and Nino and Adrian for getting our main course dishes. Nino also taught Fritz how to Dougie (FTW!!!).

Our first game was “Trip to Nirvana”. It’s like Trip to Jerusalem but with a twist. Instead of racing to sit down, players will race to touch the eggplant. Eggplants are placed in the middle of the lap of the person who is the one sitting. This is the funniest game ever especially the BKS were the players. RJ won the game.

Our second game was the “Palambutan ng Talong”. The players were the BKS again. It’s so funny because you can really see struggle on their faces. And again, RJ won.

Our third game was “Charade of Fifthsters” and of course, the category was “dorm mates”.

Our fourth game was the ever so popular “Pinoy Henyo” and lastly, “Catching of the Egg”. No photos of “catching of the egg” though. And the most anticipated part of the party, the gift giving and the Strawberry Cream Cheese Crepe.

Finally, a picture with room mates together :)

Room 212: Peny, Nica, Kaye and Lyza

Room 203: Adrian, Popo, Nino and Patrick

Room 211: Rowan, Fritz, RJ and Jed

Room 220: Trisha and Janna

Thank you Trish for the gift. I know it’s pricey than the limited price nevertheless you still bought it and thank you for the effort cause the book is hard to find too *kiss*.

Group Hug >:D<

Thank you dormies for the time cause I know some of you have exam/s tomorrow and class still, you chose to spend your time with us rather than studying (HAHA!).

Thank you, God for this year especially for this day :)
XXXX, Kaye


  1. It was a blissful night. <3

  2. Super ately :D ang saya lang :))))))))))))

  3. Naiiyak ako sa "This would be our last christmas party together..." :,(

  4. Nandyan pala si Ate Ly... Parang di ko sya nakita sa mga first pics :)

  5. Peny, don't be. :)
    Nepy, wala kasi si ately nung opening. humabol nalang siya kasi galing siyang parolan :)

  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS to the 5th Family!