December 14, 2011

She's Got You High

Had lunch with Vi and (drum roll please!) Chelie. Thank God she’s okay na :) My morning classes were cancelled today so I had nothing to do but wait for their text for lunch. I dropped by at Ahl’s to buy cake before I headed to Logans. It’s my gift for Chelie because I didn’t visit her while she’s at the hospital last week and it’s also my Christmas gift for Happy Three Friends (sayang Ace was not around). We also dropped by at Moonleaf to check out my other blocmates, Shar, Mikki and Kim. I saw Moonleaf’s 2012 planner and I fell in love. I want the black one! We finished our heavenly lunch (tapsilog) + Triple Chocolate Mousse then they went together with me to my 1am class which is Chem. Lab.

XXXX, Kaye

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