December 23, 2011

Peculiar Kid In The Window

I’ve been nostalgic for a while after reading "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher. It’s a good book actually and it has life changing lessons and that’s the reason of my every night musing. My Christmas vacation seems productive somehow. My cousin and I have been hitting the gym since Monday except today till Sunday then continue on Monday till New Year. Yesterday’s my shopping spree day with Shane and we bought clothes for the next year. I currently hate TV now because of sudden trailers of horror movies (I hate those stuffs, seriously). I also consider myself a bookworm (or not?). I’m currently reading "Like Water for Chocolate" and it’s my fourth book since Monday and another three books are waiting for me to unearth but I still feel obtuse. Maybe lights are easy to understand than books. Oh, I'm watching "Eat Bulaga" and laughing out loud right now, thank God :) :D

XXXX, Kaye
(straight out of the camera, no post-processing involved)

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