July 19, 2011

Taking my Happy pill thrice a day gives me palpitation

Instead of writing about how stressed I am this past few weeks, I decided to be optimistic. Thanks to my camera which never disappoints me because of its vivid shots and it always reminds me how lucky I am and that my life is colorful :)


My dorm mate gave me this :P

Christian (Crishan)

He's into vintage and lomo cams

Room 211 minus RJ

Aww sweet :')

Walling (?)



College of Economics and Management


Hello Nuks :)

Inside the Clover

I'm an anti-coffee
Confession: Sorry for being insensitive, immature, stubborn 18 year old college student. Since I realized how my attitude affects others (and me), I’m always reflecting and thinking not to be impulsive and harsh, hence, I’m taking my Happy pill. I still love you.

XXXX, Kaye

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