July 26, 2011

Birthdays and Typhoon

Due to bad weather, the classes were suspended. Or maybe because it’s our bloc mates’ (drum roll please) Birthday :) The original plan: surprise them before our 7am class. Jo and I were in the classroom as early as 6:30 (yeah, that’s “too” early for a college student who is deprived of sleep) but the plan failed because Mikki did not attend the class, only Mark. Plan B: went to his dormitory and surprise him. Then the news arrived that there is no classes (shoot!). 


After the very unexpectedly surprise (sarcastic and superfluous), we decided to have lunch at Rallypoint. Miracle happened, there’s no booze.


Poor creature :(

Happy Birthday again dear blocmates :) Kaye and C1 loves you :>

XXXX, Kaye

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