July 17, 2011


Preparing Malunggay for Dad's Tinola :)

Dad's Hair Color

Anti-radiation sticker for phone

Reading the manual

My old P&S camera

Stolen KFC bowl

My hand

Inside the chippy

Mr.Frog lighter

There's no internet :|

Hi Oble!


My other pets

Played with my camera the whole weekend. Tried other settings, effects, focuses and colors. I super love my camera :) I got it cheaper than its original prize. It's light and small unlike my previous camera, Russell. I sold Russell (Nikon D3000) by the way (for those who doesn't know my old blog), because of its heaviness and bulkiness. I will name my camera "J.K. Rowling N D Deep", because I bought her the same day we watched Harry Potter. Lame? Or Naima, because she's my favorite Top Model in ANTM.

XXXX, Kaye

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