July 23, 2011

Friendship Over

Spent the last two days of hell-week with Jo and Mikki, singly. Thursday lunch with Mikki and Friday lunch with Jo. My week is so exhausting; it made me yearn for the weekend. Three exams, laboratory exercises, graded seatworks and include my everyday physical activity, jogging. I want to go home and eat endlessly, watch television, sleep all day and eat again. 

French toast and Milk'n Cinnamon

Fresh lemonade 

Oh by the way, I just started reading Harry Potter. Yes, I’m such a loser. I only have book 1 and as I remember, I bought it when I was in grade 3 and never opened it until NOW. I’m reading it together with my downloaded audio-book. I’ll buy the other six books next month :) I’m still a kid, y’know.

XXXX, Kaye

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