July 29, 2011

Better than checks, safer than money, and not near as dirty

I've been feeling sad because of the result of my exam in one of my subjects. Luckily, I saw Adrian along CEM (College of Economics and Management) and we decided to eat lunch at Pizza Hut. Food = Stress reliever (always). I texted Nica, my roommate, to join us. We ate at Pizza Hut knowing we don’t have money because it’s Friday already. Friday means allowance is diminishing, okay? Adrian volunteered he has a credit card. Yaaay! 

We’re so filled and we really want to finish this scrumptious lunch because I and Adrian will going to be late in our 1pm class so we gave the “Credit Card” to pay, but … “Sir nag-e-error po” 

Of course we managed to pay and Adrian apologized to us every second (Haha!). It’s okay bieyds (yes, seriously).  We were actually blaming the crew because of the bad service. The pizza is small and the toppings are few compared to the menu and description. BOO!

And that’s the story of our lunch today.
XXXX, Kaye

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