June 12, 2012

I'm Independent Again

Happy Independence Day my dearest country :) Before I go to Los Banos, I dropped by at SM to shop for my dorm needs. Ang arte lang :) Anyway, I had my facial first then met up with Raine to help me buy my needs. I keep on saying “gusto ko pa ng pampaganda!!!” while picking random stuffs. Then we had dinner at Figaro which is so amazing because their pastas, pastries and drinks were buy one, take one. We had our last chikahan after our classes’ starts and hey it’s her birthday on the 14th. May handa ba Raine? You’re already twenty!!!
So here are my hauls from Watsons. The facial mask I posted ago were like that but in different flavour (???) and I also want to try Garnier and Maybelline products because I’ve been hearing good feedbacks. I also bought two nail lacquers, Kiwi and I forgot the pink one. Sorry.

XXXX, Kaye