June 13, 2012

The First Day Report

Oh yes yes yes! Today’s the first day of class and guess what happened? There are good and a little bit no so good things happened today. I got my Form 5 fast because of my trusty friends. Thanks guys! I was accepted on my major subject because of the privilege “graduating” but not really. I was absent on my minor because I don’t know where the hell my classroom is and it was brownout that time and the wing is so freaking dark. Thinking that Bio.Sci was the location in “White Lady” (a horror film) Geez! It creeps me out. I was not accepted on my other major subject. I have this major where my friends are my classmates. I had lunch with Nica and found out that we’re classmates in Nasc 5 and we have the same vacant time every Wednesday. It's our first time to be classmates and I'm so excited. It was so hot. Haggard. Tired. Wet because of the rain. Blah blah blah. 
After eating lunch at McDo, we had Moonleaf. I wonder why the staff wrote "Karen" when in fact, I told her "Kaye". Oh maybe because she saw my loyalty card. But I saw her wrote my name on the cup, K-A-Y-E strokes. Okay? We had the usual, Lychee Yakult for Nica and  Hakka for me.
But hey I’m looking at the bright side – what I mean is my laptop,HAHA! My new found crush :) Every time I close my programs and unravelling the desktop. I scream, seriously!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAH! This is my inspiration. Let’s all have a good semester, okay?

XXXX, Kaye

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