January 8, 2012

The Lucky Boy

This is it! Okay, here goes the roller-coaster feeling. Let’s talk about this someone I adore and treasure so much. I’ll introduce you to my one and only. Once upon a time, I met this boy through the internet and he’s pretty much perfect. He’s everything and only thing. He’s sweet and cheesy; he’s a little bit quiet and shy. He’s my best friend and definitely my companion for the rest of the year.

Happy Birthday to me!!! 
For Feb14 :D

Spent my whole weekend with him, doing things we totally love. And his name is Tim. Hey where’s Tim in these pictures? Tim’s my planner, you silly. He’s my boyfriend-slash-planner for year 2012. Am I crazy or what? I used my magazines to cover and revamp my Slate planner. I took the courage to cut and dispose my “teen” magazines. Collected those when I was in high school and I guess now’s the time to say goodbye to them. Now I’m inspired to write in my planner and I’m so excited to put anything cute and inspiring words at the blank parts :D

XXXX, Kaye
PS. Ignore my haggard face :)


  1. So nice! very creative! Keep smiling!

    1. Thank you :D We have the same planner :D