January 5, 2012

Get Over With It

Happy New Year! Obviously, this is my first post of the year and I’m sorry to say, this post is not so goody good good. School has been eating me alive. So many things to do in the first week of the year or am I just exaggerating things because I’m pretty much had a rough day today and I don’t want to go into details. Where are you my Stress Relie-ooops!!!
On a lighter note, I had lunch with Nica and Pen and after my 1-2:30 pm class; I had milk tea with Vi. I also watched The Big Bang Theory and then I took an unsatisfying nap. Okay, times up! Time to hit the books again. Shoot me! This one’s part of my 2012 commitment, study harder (HAHA cause just “hard” is not enough). TGIF tomorrow, finally :D

XXXX, Kaye
PS. I met a guy and his name is Tim and I shall blog it soon.

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  1. Cool blog. :)