January 14, 2012

Bloody Red

A red velvet cake is a popular cake with a dark red, bright red or red-brown color. It is usually prepared as a layer cake topped with a creamy vanilla icing or most popularly, cream cheese icing. The reddish-brown color of the cake was originally from a reaction of the cocoa powder with an acidic ingredient such as buttermilk; however red food coloring is often added.
Common ingredients include buttermilk, butter, flour, cocoa, and beetroot or red food coloring. The amount of cocoa used varies in different recipes. Cream cheese frosting is most commonly paired with the cake, as well as the traditional buttercream.

I know you're drooling :D >:)) (me too) Luckily, Ristretto's offering this kind of heaven. Had this before my Physics exam. YUM YUM!

XXXX, Kaye

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