January 15, 2012

It's A Date

Last Friday, I had a sweet and romantic date with two of my H3F: Cheli and Vian. And Riza, Cheli's sister, is also there :D Ate early dinner at Kenny Rogers – strolled around the mall – played “Where’s Wally?” at National Bookstore – craved for something sweet – ended up at Brownies Unlimited. Ace was not around but she left a letter, Aww! Akala ko kung ano yung inabot sa’kin ni Cheli. We had no idea. Thanks H3F. So tiring yet so fun lalo na sa panggugulo ni Vi :| HAHAHA

XXXX, Kaye


  1. Natawa naman ako sa "putol" shots =))

    1. yan ang uso ngayon :D HAHAHA pati sabi mo wag yung ... :D HAHAHAHA magblog ka na ulit please.