September 5, 2011

Remember Remember, Fifth of September

Experienced my third open house of our dorm, Fifth of September Mansion. We’re BV when we found out it will be on a Monday and not Friday night which is the tradition. But oh well’ we can’t do anything so challenge accepted. The floor design theme is Harry Potter so we had a role play and I’m Hermione. We won, obviously. Eh ang galling kaya ng second floor lalo na si Fritz HAHA =)) We had Mr. and Ms. Mansion pageant and the host were Fritz and Jed and they acted as beki. Then the guest is Freestyle and seriously, I don’t know them but they’re awesome especially Jinky (?). Ate Ly, Peny and Nepy came too :) After the open house, we went to Burger King to eat and study … and sleep. I also accidentally spilled my Sprite to Adrian’s face, hihi, sorry Bieyds =((

We’re so dead tired but it was fun overall. 

XXXX, Kaye

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